3D Laser Lasik Eye Surgery with a High Myopia and High Astigmatism, How Long does it Take to Heal?

My husband had 3D laser lasik eye surgery with a high myopia and high astigmatism. 2 days post op he is 20/50 OS and 20/80 OD. He didn't have a prescription difference before and is worried because his acuities aren't as corrected as he would like. The dr. said he was 80% healed and everything looked good. How long should it take before we know what the lasik corrected his eyes to?

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LASIK Healing time

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Most people have excellent vision by the next day with LASIK.  If there is a problem with healing it could be a few days longer.  It concerns me that you that your husband had 3D laser surgery.  There is no such thing.  Most likely, your husband was undercorrected.  The next visit should be at about a week after surgery and I suggest that you ask the surgeon why the vision is not better and arrange for glasses or contacts until an enhancement can be done usually not before 3 months.

Chicago Ophthalmologist

Healing after LASIK

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first of all there is no such thing as "3D" LASIK. this must be a marketing term invented by that practice for marketing reasons (perhaps indicated WaveFront correction), which is kind of inventive, but would make more sense if they explained this to you (instead of my doing so)

if you or your husband had ?s about his recovery, you should have asked your surgeon, as it's very difficult (almost impossible) for another surgeon like myself to guess what might be going on

also you didn't indicate what his exact Rx was. most practices consider -5.00 to be pretty high. i don't think of someone's Rx as high until it's -7.00, since we are treating all the people in NYC who can't get LASIK because their Rx is too high or cornea too thin with our noncutting LASEK procedure. so we would need to know his exact Rx to see how long his recovery would take

i would also need to know is BCVA (best corrected visual acuity) in each eye, and if there were any complications, his age, and if he had dry eyes and was on Restasis or plugs

so you can see there are dozens of factors affecting recovery rates, all of which are pretty much impossible for you to convey fully to us doctors remotely--which is again why you should probably just call your husband's surgeon and ask him these ?s directly, i'm sure he will be happy to give you more detail than he did when you saw him last, if you're persistent!

hope this helps:)

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

Healing post LASIK

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the two most common things going on with your husband are 1) his correction is not perfectly on target and his vision is suffering because of that, or 2) there is still surface healing on the flap with some swelling.  this will correct itself over time.    healing post lasik is very distinct to the individual, but I will say that most patients post LASIK, even with a high rx, will be seeing better than that by now.   He needs to ask the surgeon some questions about the healing process at his next visit.    It is very early in his healing process, and many changes will still occur in the coming weeks, so it is not appropriate to worry too much about this at two days post op. 

Andrew E. Holzman, MD
McLean Ophthalmologist

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