395cc Implants a Good Choice for a Full C Cup?

395cc Implants on a 5'3 115 pounds a good choice? I am 23years old, no children and have about a full A to a small B. Now I want to get 395cc silicon under the muscle which the Dr. told me will take me to a full C - small D. My only concern is that I don't want to look exaggerated. I have been researching online and it seems like a lot of girls get this size of implants. My question is this an average implant for what I am looking for?

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395cc Implants a Good Choice for a Full C Cup?

This seems like a reasonable sized implant to achieve your goals of a solid C cup breast. If saline I would advise, moderate plus and if siicone, high profile.

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Committing to an implant prior to surgery is a mistake

Hi there-

After surgery, if the implant you thought you wanted was used, but you don't like the way you look, will you be happy?

Most people would not.

Please read the following article to better understand how to maximize your chances of being happy when all is said and done.

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395 cc implants

A 395 cc implant will more than likely get you to the size that you want.  As for the "fake" look it would be hard to tell without examining you in person.  Bra size however does not always correlate with the volume of the implant, and implants of different sizes look different on patients with different body dimensions.

Steven Wallach, MD
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395 cc implants and cup size

The answer is not to start with the number of cc's but to start with what width or diameter implant will fit the width of your breast and then pick a profile that will get you where you would like to end up. If you are between an A and B cup and you choose a high profile smooth round gel (Mentor or Allergan) or high profile saline (Allergan, not Mentor), you will look about two cup sizes larger which would put you between a C and a D cup size. There is no good way to measure this exactly in terms of size and cc's are relative, not absolute. There is also no way to use external sizers to determine this or show you exactly what it will look like. By definition, D cup size breasts are out of proportion and can look fake and the shorter you are the easier it is to look top-heavy even in a full C cup. Go with what you think will look best for you rather than what others think. 

The implant has to fit if it's going to look natural and you want to know what you're starting with and what effect the choice of forward profile will have. Start there rather than cc's or what choosing a resulting size which I compare to choosing your dress size number before you get measured. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon
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395cc breast implants may look different on different size people

It seems to me that given your height and weight, 395 cc implants will make you larger than a C-D cup. But it is more important to know what feels and looks right for you rather than just aiming for a certain bra size.  Among other things, bra sizes are not standardized but vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A 34 D in a Victoria's secret may be a 34 C in a Warner's bra.  Ask your surgeon if he or she has sizers you can borrow to wear in a bra and get a bit more of an idea of you might look in your clothes and on how your neck and body feel with various size implants.

Elizabeth Slass Lee, MD
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