Went from 390cc Saline to 500cc High Profile Silicone

Hello! I just had my breast redone a month ago,went from 390cc saline to 500cc high profile silicone by Mentor!I wanted bigger,more volume and projection! The problem is,my new implants look a lot smaller!Even my husband said they look a lot smaller!!I tried on my bras and clothes that have button and zipper,they fit looser! Before, my tops are very tight,and can't hardly button or zip them up! Is it possible that Mentor filled them wrong? I am VERY UNHAPPY with result and SAD!! Please help!!!

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Volume for volume, silicone implants may seem smaller than overfilled saline implants.

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Your breasts may feel and look smaller due to the fact that silicone is softer and 'settles' lower in the pocket than saline implants tend to do. Also, your saline implants may have been overfilled actually containing much more volume that was 'read' off of the implant. My suggestion is a larger implant unfortunately and probably an overfilled gel implant like inspira from allergan. Talk with your doctor to work this out. 

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Breast Revision

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Verify they are filled as directed, then talk with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon about the problem.  500cc should produce a difference.

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Revision with larger silicone implants

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I have never heard of the implant company making a mistake and putting the wrong amount into an implants.. I am not sure about that?!  I do know that silicone gel implants conform to the patient's chest wall more compared to saline implants therefore looking smaller (if you compare a 500cc saline vs. 500cc silicone, the silicone will look smaller / more natural).  Maybe if I see your photos I can give you better advice.

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