390 Cc Saline Breast Augmentation on July 13, 2012 (Tube Incision). Right Breast is Bigger? (photo)

I had surgery on July 13, but I have noticed that my right breast looks bigger and has more of a side boob. The breast that looks larger (right) also feel harder than my left breast. The doctor told me that my left breast had to stretch out and once that happened they would both look the same. I had the same amount of cc's placed.

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Breast Asymmetry Two Weeks After Breast Augmentation

Your breasts look even in size to me.  However, I am looking from the front, and as all plastic surgeons know, women don't look in the mirror when they look at their breasts.  They look down.  Being a man, it took me years to figure this out.  Since your right breast is higher, it looks larger to you because you see more of it.  It is kind of a perception thing.  The right breast is fuller on the top, the left breast is fuller on the bottom.  To me, looking from the front, your left breast is more of a side boob.  Without the benefit of seeing your pre-operative photographs, it is difficult to absolutely state what is going on, but I would guess your left breast was always lower and your right breast inframammary fold was always higher.  

All that being said, your breasts look great.  Minor variations in the two breasts are completely acceptable at this early stage when there is still swelling, and even later when the swelling is gone.  Thank you for this challenging question.  Try looking in the mirror at your breasts.  You may get a different perception. 




It’s hard to say what it can be if anything, you should post your before pictures that would be helpful. Usually 99% of women are asymmetrical and will always be asymmetrical. Using implants we try to make you more symmetrical but it’s never going to be perfect. From your pictures I do see a small difference, but it is still early to see final results. Give your body time to heal and the implants to drop into the pockets and the swelling to subside.


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Early in recovery. Seroma may be possible


It is early in your recovery from breast augmentation and you will undoubtedly see some changes as the healing progresses.  Your right breast being both firmer and larger would require either your initial pre-op breast size on the right to be bigger, the implant on the right to be bigger, or for there to be more fluid on that side either as swelling or as healing fluid (seroma).  Give it some time, take periodic photos and allow the process to proceed in the healing phase.  Once things have healed more an educated decision about what is likely occurring and what should be done to correct the issue can be made.

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Right Breast is Bigger 2 weeks after surgery?

Two weeks after surgery is bit early to be concerned about small variations of the right and left sides.

I might add that from these attached photos, that left side looks a bit larger than the right to me. There are many factors that can lead to this asymmetry including pre-op asymmetry, (which we cannot assess without pre-op photos), differential in swelling, in muscle tightness if these are submuscular, variation in positioning of the implants in surgery, and capsular contracture.

Continued follow up with your surgeon is key to a nice result. Thanks for your question and best wishes. 

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390 Cc Saline Breast Augmentation on July 13, 2012 (Tube Incision). Right Breast is Bigger?

I wonder if your before photos show a right larger type of asymmetry inn volume and shape? But you did not post any before photos. So Yes I see the right larger and slightly more "hanging" But since you had the umbilical approach there is NO way to increase the size of the left with out an incision in the inframammary crease or areolar. Best to ddiscuss with your chosen PS???. 

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