38DD Want to Maintain Size After Double Mastectomy?

I am a 38DD and would like to maintain my breast size after a double prophylactic mastectomy. I would prefer not having a TRAM procedure due to my clotting disorder (PAI-1 4G/5G). Is it possible for implants to be large enough to achieve this? My BRCA test results are not back yet, but I am researching all of my options just in case.

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Goals after prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction

If you are a petite person, implants can produce generous results.  If you are a larger women, implants will be inadequate.  Strongly suggest nipple sparing (you cannot eliminate your risk so why not keep the nipples?) mastectomy that is done by your plastic surgeon, rather than your breast surgeon.  Oncology surgeons tend to remove way too much tissue.  You are doing this only to diminish your risks of developing cancer... no one can eliminate your risks.

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Want to be a DD after a double mastectomy

You main goal should be symmetry and not size when considering a double mastectomy.  If is very unlikely that you could maintain a DD size after any breast reconstruction surgery.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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