Will 375-400 silicone under the muscle be too much for me? (photos)

I am 48 yrs oldI, 5'7"" and 130lbs. I am currently approx a 34-38B. I know you cannot pick cup size but if you could I'd like a small-med D size. I would like to achieve the look of being full and natural and also the look of WOW but not WOW THOSE ARE SO FAKE LOOKING.

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Choosing The Right Size?

Thank you for your question!  I suggest you go find a board certified plastic surgeon and have a sizing with him.  Best of Luck!
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Implant sizers

Your best bet if you are trying to decide is to try on sizers of the exact implant you are considering inside a very tight sports bra. This will give you a close idea of what you will look like. More importantly the dimensions or width of the implants need to match and fit your frame and body. If you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in breast augmentation he or she should be able to help you with this in their office. I would get into the doctors office to do this before the day of surgery in case they do not have a variety of implants on hand. Good luck! best, Dean Vistnes, M.D

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This is always a difficult decision for some. In my opinion, the best thing to do is have a thorough sizing session. I provide my patients with a range of about 3-4 implants that are appropriate for their specific measurements. I then have them try these implants on in a special sizing bra. With this process, my patients have been able to choose their own implants. I have found this to be the best method for implant sizing. Be sure to see a board certified PS in your area. They should be willing to spend the time with you doing this. Best of luck!

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Will my breast implants be too big

Breast implants are sized in cc's. One cup of water is eight ounces or 240 cc. For an average woman a cup size in a bra will be just under this size. For you to go up 1 1/2 to 2 cup sizes will take an implant in the 300 to 400 cc range. Your breasts are excellent appearing now. the better the breasts look prior to surgery the better they will look after surgery with any implant. I would do your implants above the muscle in the subfascial position as I believe this gives the most natural appearance. There is not any dynamic motion instability this way and the healing process is a bit easier. I believe it also gives a longer lasting result since as the breast naturally sags (and they all do) the implant will remain with the breast rather than remaining held up on the chest wall. There are many ways to perform breast implant surgery and it is best to pick a surgeon who does a  lot of this type of surgery and who is well qualified. You must get along with both the surgeon and their staff. It is best to make a few appointments with well qualified surgeons to find one who fits best what you are looking for.

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Size choice for one's self

I encourage you to see your plastic surgeon.  Measurments of the breast width will help as do sizing with sizers and a bra and shirt.  With that said, no one implant will be correct, but a range is most helpful.  To achieve a natural but fuller appearance, investigate the Sientra textured shaped round based implants and see if you are a good candidate. 

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Will 375-400 silicone under the muscle be too much for me?

Responding via the internet is always a guess. Only IN PERSON trying on sizers offers you a better way to determine size... 

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Choose the right implant

Thank you for your question about breast implants.

  • I would say that answer is probably yes but -
  • One can't really tell on-line the best implant for you.
  • But I hope this gives you some guidance. 
  • If in doubt, go back for a second look with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. 
  • Here’s why. The right implant depends on your chest measurements, your goals, height, weight, skin looseness, breast fullness and proportions – as well as implant placement and profile
  • Implants over the muscle tend to look fuller than implants under.
  • Plus the final bra size truly depends on bra style – a woman can be a B, C or D, depending on the bra.
  • As a general rule, implants 300-350 will be a full B/C; implants 350-400 will be a full C/D and implants 400-450 will be a D.

Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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What size of implants are right for me?

Hi. There are many choices to make with breast augmentation, most of which have advantages and disadvantages. You may get a more natural result if the implants are placed under the muscle (or dual plane), and nearly every study looking at long-term implant problems show that there are less problems (such as rippling, contracture, reoperations etc) if the implants are under the muscle compared to on top.

In terms of whether 375-400cc is too big for you depends on what look you are trying to achieve. The size of the implant depends on what size you want to be after the operation, and if you chose an implant larger than your current breast there is a greater likelihood you will be able to see and feel the implants. If you chose large implants >350-400cc then you will achieve a more natural result with shaped (tear-drop) implants compared to round implants. It comes down to what shape/look you want from the operation. Probably with the size of breasts you are starting with this size will be ok.

Try to find someone with a Vectra 3D imaging machine in your area to simulate your breast augmenation result (see the link below) - in a recent article (Oct 2013) of Plastic& Reconstructive Surgery Journal (Plast. Reconstr. Surg.132: 810, 2013.), the main Plastic Surgery Journal worldwide, the 3D imaging VECTRA machine was found to be beneficial for patients considering breast augmentation surgery.

The article concluded that patients prefer a center that offers three-dimensional imaging technology; they feel that the simulation is very accurate and helps them greatly in choosing the implant; and that if they could go back in time, they would choose the same implant again.

All the best with your decision. Regards Dr Charles Cope

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Will 375-400 silicone under the muscle be too much for me?

You start with nicely shaped breasts and should have an excellent cosmetic result with an augmentation.

The best cosmetic result in any particular breast augmentation patient depends on a variety of factors, including: Your individual anatomy, realistic expectations, a thorough discussion with the plastic surgeon about the options, and an understanding of the pros and cons of any particular implant choice. Proper sizing is not just about the number of cc’s. The thickness of your tissue, breast dimensions which include the width, height, and projection, as well as chest wall width all need to be considered when choosing an implant. Trying on implant “sizers” of various shapes and volumes while wearing a tight t-shirt, bra, or bathing sit at a preoperative visit will help you and your surgeon choose the optimal implant.

There are no manufacturers' standards for cup sizing in the bra industry. The cups of a 32 D and a 38 D are significantly different. Cup size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and even within styles from any particular manufacturer.

Keep in mind that following the advice from a surgeon on this or any other website who proposes to tell you exactly what to do without examining you, physically feeling the tissue, assessing your desired outcome, taking a full medical history, and discussing the pros and cons of each operative procedure would not be in your best interest. I would suggest you find a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) that you trust and are comfortable with. You should discuss your concerns with that surgeon in person.

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Breast imp

Change in implant size is a very common reason or secondary breast augmentation - and it is avoidable if the patient and surgeon approach the process in a thoughtful and logical fashion (an on line straw poll does not qualify).  Your responsibility is to arrive at your consultation ready to articulate your aesthetic goals to your surgeon - bust fullness, figure balance and breast shape.  Bringing photos of examples is helpful (personally I prefer photo gallery examples even if not my own to adult magazine pictures but getting your point across is paramount).  Your surgeon's responsibilities are to perform an examination, understand how your anatomy and tissues will respond to various implants, make recommendations to you and help you visualize the result is whatever way(s) work for her/him - 2D photos, 3D photos, gallery review, implant sizing exercises, etc.

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