37 Yrs Old What to Do About a Large Stomach After 4th C-section Despite Being Very Skinny & Good Health?

I had c-sections in 97, 04, 09 and January of 13. In 09 I was left with slightly bigger pooch & nursed for 3 years. However this time I am 8months post and look like I am 6months pregnant. I am still nursing, very thin and healthy. I eat relatively healthy and no fast food. Is there anything that could be wrong this time? Are my only options cosmetic to flatten my stomach? I am very depressed because everyday I hear You are an adorable looking pregnant girl!

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37 Yrs Old What to Do About a Large Stomach After 4th C-section Despite Being Very Skinny & Good Health?

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Due to your 4 pregnancies, your abdominal fascia has stretched out and the rectus muscle is separated. This leads to the "pregnant look" people are talking about. Unfortunately the only way to correct this is with a tummy tuck which will correct these deformities.

Lax Abdomen

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Hi Chitowngirl . You did well with 3 kids but unfortunately the 4th took its toll on you. The abdominal skin finally could not retract. Without photo's it is difficult to say exactly what you may need, but an abdominoplasty seems to be the logical choice.

What to Do About a Large Stomach After 4th C-section

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The issues you are facing are common after pregnancy and even more so after multiple c-sections. An abdominoplasty will give you back the tighter and flatter look you want.

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Post pregnancy abdominal bulge and loose skin can be remedied with tummy tuck

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It is not uncommon to have problems that you have described after multiple pregnancies.  Post pregnancy stomach bulge often will need abdominoplasty to repair it.

See a plastic surgeon in your area. 

37 Yrs Old What to Do About a Large Stomach After 4th C-section Despite Being Very Skinny & Good Health?

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With each pregnancy the changes in our abdomen are accentuated and is decreasing the possibility that exercise and diet can solve these problems.
The price we pay as a mother with every pregnancy is loss of muscle tone, sagging skin, stretch marks, diastasis rectus abdominis muscles and the changes in weight. A greater number of pregnancies greater the affectation of our silhouette and body contouring.
With a tummy tuck we can remove all the excess sagging skin, abdominal wall repair, achieving a flat stomach with a narrow waist.
In your case do not hesitate you have all the conditions to be a candidate for combined abdominoplasty lipoescultpture

Yvelise Bello Paredes, MD - Account Suspended
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck can fix post pregnancy body

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Sorry to hear your depressed about your shape. Your not alone. In fact, most women have similar changes after multiple pregnancies. What your describing is very common. You can lose weight with diet and exercise, but will not be able to tighten the stretched out muscle covering in your stomach. A tummy tuck done correctly will fix this. I'd recommend consulting with an American board of plastic surgery certified surgeon to educate yourself on options and cost

Best of luck!

Dr Shifrin

Bulge after pregancy, options

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There are a few common causes of a bulging stomach after pregancy.  

1. Continuing to carry extra weight. 

2. Loss of abdominal muscle tone.

3. Stretched skin from pregancy

4. Rectus diastasis. (separation of the abdominal muscles from the midline.)

In your case, it sounds like you are doing the right things, and have your weight in line.  If you are not exercising, I would recommend doing so, particularly strengthening your abdominal muscles.   If this does not work to your satisfaction, then your last real option is to have a tummy tuck.  This is a great option and can be done with fairly hidden incisions.  This will remove your extra skin and also tighten the rectus diastasis.  As you look through pictures on this site, you will see that your belly will look a lot better after a tummy tuck!


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