A Cup, Thin Skin. How to Avoid Rippling / Bottoming Out?

I Am a 37 Yr Old Mother of 2 with Size A Breasts with Severe Ptosis As Well As Thin Skin I . Want Enlargement Without Rippling. or to feel the outline of the implant. was told that it is not possible to put the implant under the muscle to avoid double bubble. if i do a lift with implant under the muscle will it avoid rippling and will the results last if i wear a bra to avoid bottoming out (the lift falling)? if i choose a 350 to 370 size will it cause the lift to fall resulting in bottoming out?

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Avoiding Rippling

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The best way to avoid rippling is to use a silicone gel implant. They are wonderful implants and they feel much more like regular breast tissue than the saline implants. I would suggest having a few consultations and getting more information on what the best course of action would be for your body. Best of Luck!

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