37 with Flat Cyst Under Eye About Size of Pencil Eraser: Best Option for Removal?

At one point was more of a papule like pimple but drained and left with deflated appearing cyst. Grew larger after pregnancy. Dermatologist saw and was unconcerned but looks bad.

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If you don't like it, have it removed.

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I think what you are describing should be excised and because you are concerned about the appearance of the lesion, I don't see how this should be cosmetic.  If your current dermatologist will not remove it, look for another provider who does accept your health insurance.  Once the lesion has been removed, it should be submitted for histopathology to determine the actual nature of the lesion.

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Treatment of Eyelid Cyst

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The best option is removal of the cyst in the clinic under local anesthesia.  The eyelid area generally heals beautifully so in most cases, the aesthetic result is excellent.  This will likely be considered cosmetic and therefore not covered under insurance.

Joseph Campanelli, MD
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