Smoker's Wrinkles and Downturned Corners of my Mouth - Treatment Options?

I am 37 years old. The corners of my mouth are beginning to turn down and I have smokers wrinkles on my upper and (to a lesser extent) lower lips, even though I've never smoked. Also, my skin around the mouth and chin is becoming rougher. How can I fix these things without making my mouth huge and duck-like? I don't want to change the size or shape of my lips. Thanks.

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Rejuvenation of the mouth and perioral area for lip lines "smoker's lines"

Rejuvenation of the mouth has several components in our practice:

1.  Augmentation of the lips with filler or autologous tissue.  In our practice we prefer fat-fascial grafts (LiveFill)

2.  Augmentation of the marionette lines

3.  Augmentation of the nasolabial complex

4.  Release of the DAO, depressor anguli oris

5.  Laser resurfacing of the face including lip area

Usually these are performed at one setting with the patient asleep.  Obviously the patient should avoid smoking, sun exposure and things that causing pursing of the lips, such as speech mannerisms.

Balance and artistry are necessary to avoid an overaugmented or sausage like lip.  The muti pronged attack is usually the best way to achieve a harmonious result.

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Treatment of smoker's lip lines - wrinkles

I personally do not like the use of injectable fillers in the lips because of their temporary nature and tendency to form lumps with constant lip movement. I have had good results and happy patients with the condition you describe after laser resurfacing. I also do a needle subcision of the deep portion of these lip wrinkles which adds to the result and allows me to be less aggressive with the laser. The surgeon has to feather the edges of the lasered area for an optimal result.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Several things can be done to rejuvenate the mouth area.

The easiest is to just get restylane or juvederm injected into the lines around the mouth and also to turn up the corners of the mouth.  This is quick and easy and runs about $550/syringe with 1-2 syringes only.   A very thin lip implant along the vermillion border permanently restores the lip borders under local anesthesia for $1500 per lip and takes about 20 min to do.  Laser resurfacing or dermabrasions or chem peels also do great to eliminate the perioral creases easily.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Smokers wrinkles

First I would suggest to stop smoking. Smoking and the sun are the two worst things for the skin and prematurely age it.  Sometimes fillers can help with the downturned mouth and lasers or skin care can improve the fine wrinkles.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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