I am 37 and have had a previous lumpectomy then radiation. What's my best option for reconstruction after double mastectomy?

I am unsure what to do. it has been 3 years since my radiation and chemo. My mother now has breast cancer and I have chosen the mastectomy as my reoccurrence rate has increased. My surgery date is Feb 24 and need to make a decision about reconstruction. should I do expanders on both with risk of capsular contracture or just expand the non radiated breast and wait 6 months to see how the radiated breast heals. if so what is the best reconstructive choice for that side......

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Breast reconstruction

It sounds like you have a good understanding that there are increased complication rates associated with expansion of previously radiated tissue.  In your given case I would examine you for options regarding reconstruction using you own tissue like your lower abdominal or inner thigh tissue.    I have also performed immediate fat grafting at the time of mastectomy and then used BRAVA to externally expand the tissue and then continue to perform fat grafting until the desired result is obtained.  You are a young person and you own tissues are great options for reconstruction.  You should find reconstructive surgeon in your area familiar with these techniques.  If one is not available then feel free to consult our practice.  512-533-9900

Breast reconstruction options

There are many different options for breast reconstruction.  This is best discussed in person. Tissue expanders to implants is one option and autologous tissue reconstruction provides others.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Reconstruction

The decision as to the best type of breast reconstruction would depend on your specific condition. Your general health, your physical examination findings, and an input from your oncologist and breast surgeon.
Your plastic surgeon should discuss your condition with all your physicians involved in your care. Then sit with you for a long consultation and discuss what is the best available methods for breast reconstruction specific to you. What are the pros and cons of each procedure. Then both of you and your doctors and family can make an informed decision. Non  of us in the cyber world will be able to give you an intelligent advise without all information in hand.
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