36c with 425cc - What Size Will I Be?

i'm 5'5 and weight 135 i have curves..is this size to big for me. the doctor is putting 425cc HP.what size will i be. i only want to be a full C or a 32D

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What size will I be after breast augmentation? Selecting the right implant size.

Selecting the right implant size for breast augmentation is difficult for patients. In general a cup size is between 150-200 cc. The best way to determine the right implant size is to be measured by a plastic surgeon to determine the implants that will fit best, try the implants on, and to use a 3D imaging system so that you can visualize the implants in your body before having the procedure. In your case, if you are a cup size C and you add a 425cc high profile implant you will be a very large D or a DD. The number in the bra size indicates the measurement of your torso. This number does not decrease after augmentation, sometimes it might increase. 

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You will be much larger than a D

If I understand you correctly you are a 36 C now.  If you have 425 cc HP implants you will be at least a DD.   This sounds larger than you wanted to be.   Get another opinion from a board certified Plastic Surgeon and member of ASAPS.    Good Luck             Dr Grant Stevens   

Grant Stevens, MD
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36c with 425cc

Sounds like a good size but you did not post a photo or give enough info. So the guess is 425 cc HP/

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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