36, 215lbs, Am I a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

I have one daughter and do not plan on having anymore children. My highest weight is 222lbs. I recently lost weight but gained it all back. I was 190lbs for a year. I haven't changed my eating habits, just worked out often. Right now i'm feeling like there is no hope. Am I a good candidate for a TT? I truly feel that once I have the surgery I will be able to focus more on my eating habits, once I get the results I want from the TT I can maintain it. Am I too hopeful?

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Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Thank you for the question.

It is generally much better to give “patients” advice after direct examination and a full discussion of their goals.

Based on the information you have provided I would suggest consultation with  your internist ( to rule out any medical reasons you have not been able to lose weight),  a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

Once you have reached a long-term stable weight ( which does not have to be the “ideal” weight listed on BMI  charts)  you will likely be an excellent candidate for mommy makeover surgery. I agree with you that many patients use the tummy tuck procedure (for example) as a jumpstart to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Consultation with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will be helpful.

Best wishes.

Tummy Tuck Not Indicated for Weight Control


Without photos and your height much less without an examination, it is hard to determine

your eligibility for a tummy tuck, but I would recommend that you lose some weight and wait

until it stabilizes before considering a tummy tuck.

If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss, then a tummy tuck would

be alright, but the results would not turn out as well. For the best results, consult a board-

certified plastic surgeon in-person.


Tummy tuck

It ia hard to say whether or not you are a good candidate without an exam.  You gave a weight but not a height and I do not have any photos to compare.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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