I'm 36 year old and got dual fraxel done. Is my first treatment done at level 5?

it's been two weeks now and I noticed where my sun spots are much darker which concerns me. I also noticed both cheek area have darken which worries me even more will this go away? Will my skin go back to normal in a few weeks and should I continue with my next fraxel treatment My background is European from the south pls if someone can guide me in the right direction and on my next treat to get better results cause didn't notice any real difference to my skin expect darkening of my skin

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Fraxel laser and treatment levels

Please post a photo so that we can help you.  I am not sure if you really had Fraxel or a "fractionated" laser since there is no treatment "level 5".  If your skin type is dark and the settings too high on the laser that you had done you can be hyper pigmented.  I suggest you return for consultation to your treating physician to discuss your concerns before you have another course of treatment.

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