Is 35 Too Young for Nasoflabial Fold Fillers and Are There Any Long Term Negative Consequences of Getting It? (photo)

Also, besides temporarily filling the folds, do fillers have any long term positive consequences; i.e. will fillers cause the drooping of the area to slow down? Am I being too self conscious about the folds; are mine bad? Thank you!

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Fillers for nasolabial fold

Hi there. Thanks for the question.

Thirty-five is definitely not too young to consider fillers. I have patients in their 20's already maintaining with Botox and fillers and they look great. I prefer fillers like Juvederm and Perlane, which have a reasonable but limited (5-8 months) lifespan, and which have an "antidote" (Wydase, which I have never had to use, knock on wood) in case the patient develops an undesirable outcome, like a bulge or thickening. Your folds are what I call "modest' or "moderate" and would benefit from fillers. It is conceivable that using fillers may bolster the skin in the area but they will not fully slow down the march of time in terms of descent of the tissues over the years. Feel free to schedule a complementary consultation and see what might work for you after an in-person examination!

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