35% of my Front Tooth is Broken Should I Go for Bonding or a Porcelean Veneer?

35% of my front tooth is broken what should i go for a porcelean veneer or a composite bonding .it happened 8 months ago but i couldnot do any treatment as i was pregnant then .I an 27 years old and i think my tooth is absolutely fine as i dont have any problem in drinking hot or cold water it does not give me a shrill sensation nor it is discoloured what should i go for thank you

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Try Bonding First to Fix Your Tooth

I always like to be conservative and since you have been walking around with your broken tooth, find a good solid dentist or cosmetic dentist and have them do bonding.  If it looks great and lasts, you have solved the problem.  Eventually it will wear or break.  When it does, you can do a new bonding or upgrade to a veneer.  Have fun-

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