I Had a 35% Glycolic Peel 3 Weeks Ago from Tomorrow and Can't Get One Spot on Forehead to Heal Please Advise? (photo)

Hello I recently got a 35% peel at my dermatologist office. She had recently suggested that I start Nouvelle Journee (retinol) product and did not tell me to stop using before the peel. She put many coats on my forehead which she know after the peel was a hot spot and put steroid cream on. I went in for a follow up and she said it was normal and would heal.... It has been close to 3 weeks and all of the research now that I have done says to stop using retinol products 5 days in advance to peel.

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You can try steroid creams to help heal peel burns.

You could try a Hydrocortisone cream - at night, only over the burn. Also you could try repair creams like Cicalfate, or Epitheliale AH over the affected area - your doctor should be able to prescribe these to you.

The other part of the question - creams containing retinoids can be used as part of your prepeel regimen, though I find glycolic acid 12 % primers more useful. It is more important to not apply the retinoid cream after the peel. Do inform your doctor about choosing a different pre peel agent.

Make sure to use a sunscreen regularly.

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