Brazilian Butt Lift Pain Killers Ineffective?

I have been reading many comments about the pain in this type of surgery. I would like yo know why the pain killers don't work for these girls. Has the oxicodine same effect as perc? Thank you

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Pain after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Pain after any kind of surgery is expected. Different people have varying tolerance to pain. In my experience most of the discomfort from the liposuction in my patients is mostly gone after 24-48hours.

The buttocks hurt for 1-2 weeks but my patients get  a combination of medications including narcotics, nonsteroidals, and muscle relaxants that seem to do the trick.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Pain medication.

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In most of the cases, its not that the medication doesn't work. Some patients are used to taking strong pain medication, so when there prescribed something that would usually help a normal patient with that amount of pain, it doesn't help them. Because they are very susceptible to pain or are used to stronger dosages of pain medication.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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