Bbl when You Have Umbilical Hernia?

How affects my bbl having umbilical hernia?

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Hernia Repair first

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It would be crucial to repair the hernia first, in order to have the Brazilian butt lift, and have no complications during the process.

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Umbilical Hernia and BBL

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It is probably very wise to get the hernia fixed before you have liposuction, which is necessary to have the Brazilian Butt Lift. A hernia means there is some intraabdominal defect. Additionaly bowel or fat that may be trapped in the sac can be damaged during the liposuction which could have devastating consequences. This is elective surgery. Get the hernia fixed first.

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Bbl with umbilical hernia

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Thanks for your question.  I recommend having your umbilical hernia repaired prior to having any abdominal liposuction or bbl performed.  The reason is that there is a chance of injury to the hernia sac contents ( which can sometimes contain bowel) during abdominal liposuction.  The abdomen is a common donor site for fat transfer during a bbl.  if bowel injury occurs, you can become very ill and even septic.  Good luck and take care.

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