33 Year Old Female in Need of at Least 6 Root Canals, Etc., but Not Able to Afford It All at Once. Are There Any Alternatives?

I was told by a (student) endodontist that most teeth will require crown lengthening or extraction+implant. While most of my teeth are quite sensitive, only 1 is severely painful. Since it will be another 3-4 months before I can get back in for the root canal, I am considering pulling the aching tooth. (This tooth is the last tooth in the back) Between the cost and time frame of getting all of this done, I am left wondering what are my other choices?

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33 year old Needing At Least 6 Root Canals, etc.

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The real question is what are your long term goals for your oral health. It sounds like, for whatever reasons, you have neglected your oral health. If that is what the future holds for you, as well, then you are better off extracting your teeth and getting dentures. If you want to preserve your own teeth, then you have to find a dentist or clinic that will map out an entire treatment plan that you can work on progressively and affordably.

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