I Got 33 Units of Botox 3 Months Ago to Treat Glabella, 2 Weeks Ago Wide Indentations Started to Form Between my Brows? (photo)

I've never noticed these indentations before, they're below where my old 11 lines were. There's also a round indentation above my left brow. My Dr said I need more Botox, but I'm worried this may make my issue worse. It had only been 2 1/2 months since last treatment& I usually go 4-5 months. Also, the day after the procedure I noticed my right eye lid looked odd, like maybe there were 2 lids or my eye was sunken? That comes & goes. Any idea what is going on & what I can do to fix it? Depressed

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Glabellar indentations after Botox

I usually treat glabella with 14-20 units. Over treating can sometimes cause asymmetric muscle pulls. What you are describing is likely inadequate weakening of the procerus, corrugators or the depressor supercilli muscle with over treatment of the counter muscle which can create the appearance of gaps or indentation as you describe. Your doctor can usually improve that with a touch up injection.

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