Is a Masculine Lower Face down to Genetics?

I am only 33 years old and starting to hate my lower face. it has become quite heavy and masculine looking. I am not sure If this a part of ageing or due to the weight I gained during pregnancy. But my Lower face looks like it is taking over!

I notice it looks huge when I look at other girls. My grandma had heavy jowls and a moon like square face and i wonder if I am just genetically becoming more like her. Any advice on what may help be appreciated.

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Palm beach facelift - palm beach facial liposuction

Assuming that you are healthy, you could have put on weight in your neck and lower face. at age 33, you are quite young to be needing a facelift but your photos would help in making that decision. It may be that you have fatty tissue in your neck and lower face and liposuction may give you better definition to your neckline and jawline. if you plan to lose more than 5 pounds in the near future, you may want to consider surgical improvements once your weight is where you plan to maintain it.

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Growing facial structures

You should be checked out by your physician for any endocrine ( hormone) problems. There is a condition called Acromegaly that can cause growth of facial bones.Also, there are uncommon tumors of the mandible that can give the changes you describe. However, if you are following the pattern of healthy older women in your family, this is likely an heredity situation and may be improved with facelifting techniques.

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