I Am 325lbs. 5'3.5 with a Bmi of 55...is Lipo/tummytuck Safe and Beneficial for Me?

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High BMI

Your BMI puts you are great risk for potential complications.   I would not recommend a tummy tuck at this time.  Please consider weight loss first before opting for plastic surgery.   

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I Am 325lbs. 5'3.5 with a Bmi of 55...is Lipo/tummytuck Safe and Beneficial for Me?

Chances are the proposed procedures are neither safe nor beneficial. A BMI of about 30 is the usual threshold for safe and beneficial body contour surgery. 

Safe and beneficial would be an evaluation for medical or surgical bariatric (weight loss) treatment. Later, a tummy tuck can be considered. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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High bmi cosmetic surgery

The best option for you to consider is to reduce your bmi to less than 35 before any cosmetic procedure.  Currently you would have to high a risk for major complication and likely an undesirable cosmetic outcome.  You should seek a nutrition consult to attempt weight loss through diet and exercise or consider bariatric surgery.

Chad K. Wheeler, MD
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BMI of 55?

Unless you were doing this to remove a huge pannus to improve your quality of life, I doubt any reasonable surgeon would accept you as a patient for a cosmetic tummy tuck and liposuction as it will only reveal other areas that are excessive. 

Curtis Wong, MD
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Tummy tuck and Liposuction Are Not Weight Loss Procedures

Thank you for tour question. At 325 lbs you would be a very high risk candidate for plastic surgery and unlikely to get a good result.  Losing weight before these procedures can only lead to a healthier life.  

Mary Lee Peters, MD
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BMI of 55 is in the Danger Zone - Asking for Problems

a BMI of 55 is in the danger zone for an abdominoplasty.  You will be at a high risk for post operative complications including infection, wound healing problems, DVT and PE.  Consider weight reduction only or if necessary bariatric surgery before any consideration for body contouring surgery.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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I Am 325lbs. 5'3.5 with a Bmi of 55...is Lipo/tummytuck Safe and Beneficial for Me?

Thanks for the question and I appreciate your interest in volume reduction. Unfortunately in your case elective cosmetic surgery is too risky. You would need to be under a BMI of 35 and few surgeons would be willing to consider an abdominoplasty even at that weight. The more your BMI is below 30 the better results you can obtain. I think you might give serious thought to bariatric surgery. There are several options and it is quite successful. I see several patients a year after a bariatric procedure that lost 100# or more the first year. Then we start on the body contouring surgeries.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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I Am 325lbs. 5'3.5 with a Bmi of 55...is Lipo/tummytuck Safe and Beneficial for Me?

     Although liposuction may produce some benefit if focused in one area, I would advise you to try to lose a significant amount of weight prior to considering surgery.                                                                                                                         Kenneth Hughes, MD                                                                                             Los Angeles, CA       

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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BMI is TOO High

No.  Body contouring surgery at a BMI of 55 is not appropriate.  BMI of 30 or less is appropriate. You should see a physician concerning healthy weight loss strategies.

Dr. ES

BMI 55 for lipo/TT

I   do not  think    that   at  this point  you  are not  a  candidate  for  plastic   surgery procedure , I really    recommend    you  :

1.Endocrinolgy   and   nutricional support  to get  adequate  weight and BMI under  30

2.Consideration of bariatric  surgery

3.Plastic  surgery is not  an option   for   obesity 

obese  patients   represent   high   risks    when  having  plastic surgery

BMI  is   high    risk  of  mortality and morbility  when is  over 30

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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