Can a 325cc Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline Implant Be Overfilled by More Than 50cc?

Hi ! I had saline implants two months ago and my doctor filled smoothe round moderate profile saline of 325cc to 390cc on the right side and to 400cc on the left side. What is the maximum quantity of saline that can be added with these implants?

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Saline Breast Implants: How much can you fill

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Saline breast implants have the same outer shell as silicone, however the inside is filled with saline when placed in the breast and not prefilled with silicone. This enables the implant to be placed through a smaller incision and filled manually. It has been shown that underfilling can lead to possible premature implant rupture, however overfilling may lead to firmer implants which is not desirable. I would stick with the manufacturer's guidelines, but overfilling to 10 to 20 % should be within acceptable range. If a desired volume is needed, consider a larger implant or a different profile.  I hope this helps.

Dr. Trussler

Maximum fill volumes for saline implants.

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The maximum fill volume recommendations for implants are set by the manufacturers. Overfilling beyond these recommended volumes can lead to scalloping of the implant, increased rupture risk, and void the warranty of the device. If you wish to have larger implants, choose larger implants. Don't simply overfill small implants.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Before overfilling your implants consider the consequences.

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Each Saline implant comes with the implant manufactures recommendation for minimum and maximum fill. However, some surgeons do use these recommendations only as guidelines and choose on their own to under fill or overfill the implant. There are no precise limits as to how much a surgeon can overfill any implant. However, disregarding the manufactures recommendation can have consequences. For one, overfilling the implant creates a more tense and unnaturally firm feeling implant and therefore a unnaturally firm breast. Secondly, overfilling places more stress on the implant shell and this may lead to early implant failure and deflation. The 325cc implants that I am familiar with have a recommended maximum fill of 375ccs. If this range corresponds with your implants then they are only slightly overfilled and not too far afield from the recommended fill volumes. If you are considering increasing the size of your implants It would be best invest in a new pair of that is designed to fill to the range you seeking.

David A. Ross, MD (retired)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Overfilling saline implants

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While it is technically possible to fill the implants past the manufacturer's recommended limit, it may void the warrantee.  Also, it may make the upper pole excessively full, and the breast excessively firm...

It might be better to consider an implant exchange if you want a larger size.


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Implant fill

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Depending upon what the implant company is, some implants may be filled to the max with 30 cc or 50 or somtimes more.  And still some surgeons over fill the recommended fill to minimize rippling or slight size discrepancies.

Can saline implants be overfilled by more than 50cc?

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Each saline implant has a recommended overfill volume as per manufacturer. For a 325cc implant that's about 30cc. If you place more saline into the implant than what's recommended, you will end up with a firmer breast, unatural superior fill, scalloping at the edge which  translates in to irregular visible borders at the inferior and lateral poles. I'm not sure if the manufacturer's warranty is voided if the implants are greatly overfilled (check the implant literature regarding this).

Breast implant fill range for saline

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In order for a saline implant to fell soft and perform well, there is a manufacturers fill range for a particular implant that will depend on 'make' and size. A smaller implant such as 300cc may only allow an addition of 30cc, and a fuller implant, perhaps 400cc may allow an addition of 50cc. You can confirm this information on your implant record card which every patient should have for their home file.

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Overfilling of Saline Implants

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I am unsure of the company that manufactured your implants, but most 325cc have a recommended fill volume of only up to 375cc.  If the implants are filled beyond the recommended fill volumes, there is a possibility that the warranty could be voided.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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