If 325cc Model of Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline is Overfilled to Aproximately 430 Cc is Will It Ripple??

Hi , i had breast augmentation 5 months ago. I shceduled surgery for may 24, in which i will get added like 30-40cc to my left implant and am having 2nd thoughts. Is it possible that by overfilling the saline implant model specified above I will cause rippling? Pleas tell me if you think the asymmetry is correctable at all, the way im about to do it, or what do you think are the best options to correct this asymmetry

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With breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery in general, patience helps

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sometimes the best enemy of good is better....and you may want to give it a little more time before having more surgery anyway. silicone implants may be better if you have rippling concerns. i would not recommend overfilling a saline implant to the degree that you mention. talk it over with your surgeon......and together you can decide on the best course of action.

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Overfilled saline implant will ripple

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Overfilling saline implants is meant to decrease rippling but ripples never go away completely. If a saline implant is too overfilled, it voids the warranty, deforms the implant into a ball, not a natural breast shape, and it will still have ripples. Make sure you are seeing a board certified plastic surgeon. If you are unsure, don't feel bad about getting a second opinion. Do research your surgeon's training background and board certification. Sincerely, Martin Jugenburg, MD

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Overfilling saline implant causes wrinkles

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Hi Vanevane,

Thank you for providing the photos, it is very helpful. 

-Overfilling a saline implant will cause more ripples.  It is interesting that both overfilling and underfilling the implant both cause more ripples.  I would not recommend filling a saline implant to a volume that is above the manufacturers recommended maximum volume.  It is tempting to try and fill the existing implant because you save money by not having to purchase another implant but it is not worth the savings in my opinion. 

-It is hard to tell from the photos if the level of your inframmammary fold (crease under the breast) is equal on both sides.  If the left fold is higher, this might need to be lowered, along with additional volume, to make you more symmetrical.  It is impossible to achieve complete symmetry but you might be able to have an improvement. 

-I advise my patients to wait at least 9 months before we decide on a revision.  I suggest discussing it fully with your plastic surgeon.  You want to be sure that you understand the degree of improvement that is reasonable before having revisional surgery.  Hope this helps.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD

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If 325cc Model of Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline is Overfilled to Aproximately 430 Cc is Will It Ripple??

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Thanks for the photos posted. These are the issues I see. Pe operatively you were asymmetric, with the left breast 30 to 70 cc's smaller and less inferior pole. Plus the medial inferior quadrant is slightly deficient. From the after photo adding cc's without correcting the medial inferior pole by a release would just magnify the malpositioning. And yes in my opinion ripples will occur in severe overfilling.  

Will an overfilled implant ripple?

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Dear Vanevane, It probably will ripple along the sides.  If it doesn't ripple it will look like a hard round ball sitting in your breasts.  Aside from this you will void the warranty as the recommended fill volume is is 375 for a Mentor 325 implant.  If you are looking to avoid ripples you may want to go with a silicone implant or just use alaregr implant filled appropriately.  I would discuss your options with your plastic surgeon before going ahead with the extra filling.  Good luck.

Dramatic overfilling of saline implants

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If you dramatically overfill salines, they will become round, tight, and hard and the feel will get much worse.  Your asymmetry also seems to be more of crease and nipple height and these won't change will fillinf them more.

Overfilled saline bresat implants

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By over filling a saline breast implant the implant will become round and stiff, and ripples form along the sides of the implant. These ripples are 'static' in that they are there all the time because the implant has become deformed with the overfill. A small amount of asymmetry would probably be preferable and leave well enough alone.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Let it be....

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You had two different breasts before surgery and now after implant placement surgery some of those differences remain. I would not advise just adding volume as I don't think you will obtain symmetry that way. Give things time to mature and then consider whether or not additional surgery is worth it.

Additional symmetry is achievable but may require lifting surgery.  The difference is mild. I would consider letting it be.


Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
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