Will my Eye Gaps go away after lower Bleph and laser? (photos)

I had lower Transconjunctval Blepharoplasty with Erbium laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago. My concern is the under eye gap and pulling down of skin. There are gaps between my eye And lower lid, I am concerned. Can this just be part of healing or a problem brewing? Skin is still very red, tender and tight, along with a horizontal demarcation white line that appears hollow. Just wanted my under eye bags removed, and hope I did'nt open a can of worms with this. Budget used, can't afford any surprises.

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You had a very aggressive erbium laser resurfacing.

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The photographs do not demonstrate the lagophthalmos or ectropion that you may be describing.  Lagopthalmos is the inability to close the eyelids fully.  Ectropion is a gapping of most commonly the lower eyelid away from the eye surface.  Both cause drying and chronic corneal exposure of the eye surface.  If you are uncertain if your surgeon is managing these issues, please see an oculoplastic surgeon for this care.  Time is helpful to make things better but ongoing management may be helpful to influence the outcome here.

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your only 3 weeks out from your procedure and it is best to wait at least another 3 months.  Speak to your surgeon about your concerns.  There should be no surprises as you seem to be healing as expected.

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