Im 32 Years Old Im Considering Temple Lift is That Good for my Age

im 32 years old im considering temple lift is that good for my age? my brow tale is bit low what are best options to fix it

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A bit young

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Though you are a bit [a couple decades] younger than the average browlift patient, it doesn't necessarily mean you are not a good candidate. Many patients have a very heavy, or low, full brow as their normal anatomy and may benefit from a browlift.

Having said that, the decision on which browlift technique to use is an individual one, depending on skin type, hairline, and amount of lift needed.

If you post a photo, we might be able to give you better recommendation. A temporal lift may be a good option for you.

Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Explaining brow lift

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Brow lift which is done at the hairline, is usually quite good, as long as the incision is just at the edge of the hair instead of lower than the hairline.  The hair follicles actually grow right at the edge of the scar, and if it is slightly zigzagged, it is nearly invisible.  There are some hairstyles that would not be candidates for hairline brow lift.  It does prevent loss of hair and elevation of the hairline to a higher level, however.  The average age for this procedure with my patients is usually over 50.

James Carraway, MD
Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

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