310cc CMH implants from 32a/b too small, wide apart and no fullness? (photo)

I had 310cc CMH round implants from a 32a/b under the muscle.I feel they are too small,too far apart and no upper full.I am going for a redo and would like to know what size of implant would be best ,weather I should go over or under and if anyway my gap can be closer.i spoke to my surgeon and he said nothing can be done for fullness or definition and my gap can't be closed is this correct? I'm really not happy with how much they lack fullness. I measure 32c/d but look a b , I want to look a D?

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Toronto Breast Augmentation with Implants

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Can you post a before picture?  If your breasts were wide-set pre-op, this will not change with a BBA.  It is not possible to change the location of your breast footprint.

310cc CMH implants from 32a/b too small, wide apart and no fullness?

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Reality is your anatomy is not going to allow the breasts to have a more centralized appearance- sorry. Best to see a few boarded Pss in person to fully understand this..//

How to get better cleavage with a Brest Implant

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One of the most important factor in deciding how defined the cleavage will be after a breast implant is how well defined it was before the implantation.
Could you please send some before pictures
warm regards

Prashant Murugkar, MD
India Plastic Surgeon

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Breast Surgery

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Challenging case, I think your size is great for your petite frame and all of your pics have your arms apart which would seperate your implants. Implants are not meant to touch that is the role of a push up bra. Going bigger and trying to go closer together would scare me for increased risks of complications

Changing Implants to Improve cleavage

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So much of your cleavage area is defined by your anatomy, and often times there is not much you can do safely to improve that area without the risk of symmastia.  Sometimes an wider implant can help to a degree, but you have to respect the natural anatomy.  Without examining you first hand, it is impossible for me to say what would be the best option for you.   Perhaps go for a separate consultation and see what another board certified plastic surgeon recommends.  I hope this helps.

Wide cleavage

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your breasts appear to be widespread naturally.  This will always be the case, since this how you developed.  A larger, wider implant may give closer cleavage, but it will also give more fullness on the sides.  If the implants are not centered behind the nipples, but brought closer together to narrow the cleavage space, the. The nipple will point Moore towards the outside.  You should consult with an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeon to evaluate you and discuss the options for your situation.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon

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