31 Years Old, 5'8" 140lb w/ Thin Breast Tissue. How Big Can I Go?

Hi, I was told by my PS that I have thin breast tissue and he will not go above 350cc's filled to 420cc's on me. I had another consult and that PS told me that I could go bigger. So now I am wondering which one I should trust? with thin breast tissue is it safe to go above 350cc's? Thanks.

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Deciding on implant size can be confusing

Recommendations for appropriate breast implant size can't be made accurately over the internet. This is compounded by lack of any photos. Given the conflicting information, you may want to consider seeing one or 2 more plastic surgeons and obtain their assessments then weigh all the factors and make a decision.

Given that you have thin skin, I would strongly recommend that you use silicone implants and stay away from saline ones as you will not be happy with the results otherwise. With the saline implants, you may experience significant rippling that can be quite noticable and distressing.

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Breast implant size in a thin patient

If you are thin and don't have much breast tissue, I would suggest silicone implants over saline implants to minimize the possibility of rippling or wrinkling.  As far as the size is concerned, there is no set number of cc's that you can or can't have, this is something that you and your surgeon need to discuss in detail before surgery.

I perform 3D imaging on patients which gives them an idea of what a certain volume will look like on them, but the ultimate decision is made during the surgery based on the quality of your skin and breast tissue.

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Thin Skin and Breast Augmentation

Thin skin can be tricky in its effect on the final result in breast augmentation surgery. Thin patients are more likely to show implant edges, and to develop rippling, wrinkling and bottoming out.

Thin patients usually have better results when they have their implants placed under the muscle. As well, silicone gel implants can be of great benefit to thin patients. You certainly don't want to overstretch the pocket, especially if the breast tissue is thin along with the skin.

I would recommend staying with an implant base that measures your breast footprint. This diameter is determined by measured across your breast from edge to edge. If you use high profile implants to increase fullness, just remember that you will have a great deal of superior show of the implant- aka the "Baywatch Breast",

Karen Vaniver, MD
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Breast Augmentation, Breast Enlargement, Breast Implants

You should always go see a plastic surgeon in person and not rely on this blog site for advice.  If you have thin skin and little breasts-- consider using silicone gel to avoid the possible visible wrippling. 

Jay H. Ross, MD, FACS
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