Currently 30AA: How Many CCs are Needed and in Which Profile to Achieve D Cup?

I am 110lbs and 5"5

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D cup implants might be too much

While going from an AA cup to a D cup is technically possible, it might not be the wisest choice for you.  Your board-certified plastic surgeon should be able to make a reasonable, safe recommendation on the size of your implants after your examination.  Your surgeon should also explain the long term effects if your choose a size that is too large for your body.  Some of these effects can include thinning of the breast tissue and skin, increased chance of implant visibility and palpability, unnatural appearance, stretch marks, increased chance of revisions, etc.

Don't focus so much on a specific cup size.  The cup size is arbitrary and will vary depending on the type of bra you buy.  Focus instead on an implant size that will fit your body and give you the best long term results.  Good luck!

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