300 Vs 360 Circumferential Body Lift? Recommendations?

Hello, I obtained 4 surgical consults this weekend regarding a body lift. All 4 doctors recommended a lower body lift, but one mentioned doing a 300 degree lift which would allow him to operate on me positioned bending forward at an angle so that he could remove more skin in the front rather than the 360 where i would be in a straight position. I could then have a second procedure later to finish the last 60 degrees and lift the butt area. Is this common for a 300 degree lift?

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Circumferential Body

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Although it is not wrong to break up a circumferential body lift into 2 smaller, it is very common to have the entire circumferential body lift (360 degrees) done in one setting.  One procedure - one recovery.

A lower body lift generally refers to a procedure known as a belt lipectomy a.k.a. circumferential body lift. These procedures are usually tailored for a patient who has experience significant weight loss. These procedures are designed to recontour the entire waist and lower trunk.  They include 3 procedures:

1. Tummy Tuck
2. Waist lift/lateral thigh lift
3. buttock lift

Many of my female patients who have lost volume in the their buttocks also option for buttock augmentation using their own tissue (auto-augmentation). These procedures are all very powerful. But the basic principle applies - you must accept some degree of scar for better form.

The good news - we strive to hide the scar in your waist/bikini line.

Best of luck!

Dr. Basu

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