Asymmetrical Breasts - Will 300/350cc Implants Even Me Out?

Seen 3 different surgeons. I am asymetrical and i want to be evened out - would love for both breasts to fit in same bra. I am 32d/dd, 5 ft 11. Would also like to be fuller. None of 3 surgeons said i require uplift. 300cc one side and 350cc other overs is smallest i have been told, although surgeon i have chosen said he will decide exact shape/size whilst i'm on operating table. I want to look natural. Will 300 & 350 fill out my breasts enough? Worried about rippling or double bubble.

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Asymmetrical Breasts - Will 300/350cc Implants Even Me Out

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First, I would recommend a high profile silicone implant placed under the muscle to diminish rippling and create a more natural appearance. Sizers may be used to optimize and minimize the degree of asymmetry but be realistic in your expectations and do not expect perfect symmetry otherwise you may be disappointed.

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Breast asymmetry

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Everyone's breasts are a bit different.  It is difficult to say whether that size implant is right for you. I would have to examine you in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Asymmetry Correctionnbu

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Breast asymmetry is very common. Most women have it at different  degrees.  If you decide to have a breast augmentation with saline implants the surgeon can certainly modify the volume during surgery in order to give you the most symmetric result.

 If you decide to get saline breast implants it is better to get them under the muscle. The reason is that saline implants have a higher chance of capsular contracture compared to silicone gel implants. 

If you get silicone gel implants  and you are really bothered by the asymmetry of your  breasts then one silicone implant has to be a different volume than the other. Silicone breast implants vary by increments of 25cc up to a volume of 550cc and then by 50cc.  For example they don't make them 310cc from 300cc. Also bear in mind that when an implant changes in volume it also changes in its diameter and projection. That means that it is a totally different implant and although it may correct the volume asymmetry it may give breast shape asymmetry. 

The decision therefore to use silicone or saline is important. It seems from your picture that you have grade 1 ptosis (they sag a bit). Therefore It would be a superior outcome to not only give you the volume increase but also to lift them as well. For this you must consider having a breast augmentation over the muscle.

A breast augmentation over the muscle will give you a superior result, help with the lift and will avoid the chance of you getting a double-bubble. The double-bubble occurs only in breast augmentation where the implants are under the muscle.

Asymetrical augmentation will even out breasts

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Most women will have one breast that is slightly larger than another, just as one foot may be slightly larger. Frequently during augmentation an implant of a different size is used, or in the case of a saline implant a different fill is used to be sure the augmentation is balanced and even. Remember that absolute symmetry is not possible. Most will always be able to find a subtle difference comparing one breast to the other. Your surgeons are correct in that you do not need a lift. The 300 to 350 cc implants suggested will give you plenty of fill, with a natural shape, and tasteful. The size choice is yours and you should insist that your surgeon know what you want and expect as far as fill and cup size are concerned. Rippling can occur with a saline or a gel implant, and we would suggest a submuscular implant to reduce the  chance of a ripple and to reduce the capsule rate as well. The double bubble just should not happen.

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Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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