Can 30 year old Silicone Injections be removed from my face? I had them injected to create cheekbones.

The injections were given to me by a top cosmetic surgeon in Toronto, he put the injections in one main are to create cheekbones. Lately I have noticed skin discolouration (light purple) in the area, pain on and off and I am sure the injections have hardened over the years. I fear that as I age and my skin becomes thinner the silicone will become more noticeable. I would like to have it taken out or reduced. Can this be done?

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Removal of silicone from the cheeks

Silicone injections to the cheeks are difficult to remove, but possible in some cases. Our office specializes in the treatment of silicone complications in Los Angeles.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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