30 Year Old Breast Implants Leaking What Are the Dangers?

30 Year Old Breast Implants Leaking What Are the Dangers?

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Leaking implants


Any implant that is leaking should be removed and/or replaced.  Seek specific recommendations from a board-certified plastic surgeon.


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Dangers of 30 year old silicone gel implants

Though the health risks are very few, an old leaking gel implant will become firmly encapsulated and become tender. The capsule will calcify and show up as an 'eggshell' around the implant. The capsules will hold the implant firmly against the chest and the breast proper may droop over the surface. So why keep them?

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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30 year old breast implants leaking

Leaking implants should be removed and exchanged if desired.  If they are saline then the water just gets absorbed. If they are silicone, then the gel has to be removed. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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