30% TCA Peel Made my Previous Scars Larger, What Now? (photo)

I did a 30% peel only on the area near my chin where the large scars are seen and 15% on the rest of my face after successfully doing a 10% all over. All of my previous acne scarring (pitted) that were healed, hardly noticeable, & were a couple of years old have become exposed overnight with the 15/30% combo and larger than they were before as seen near my chin. Now do I move to a 20% or move to another method. I'm only concerned with correcting the area near my chin at this point. Please help.

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Don not self-administer TCA peels

I am guessing from the wording of your question that you have self-administered your own TCA peel. I cannot stress enough how dangerous this is. Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons have years of training so that they can learn how to properly perform these treatments. There are many potential complications and this why anything higher than a 10% should be administered by a properly trained doctor. Unfortunately, while sites like this are great for giving information, it can also be abused and used as a way to learn how to "self-treat".  You need to see a doctor to evaluate your face and make sure there is no permanent damage. If you did have a doctor do this, then my apologies for assuming that you did it on your own, and you should return to him or her for re-evaluation.

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