Did 30% Glycolic Peel, Part of my Face Began to Sting. That Area is Now Dark! What to Do?

I was doing a 30% Glycolic Acidpeel. I did 6 weekly treatments 6 months ago. I started again 4 weeks ago and planned 6 weekly treatments. During my 4th time, the side of my chin was stinging painfully(this has never happened before) so I washed the area. Followed this with ice and moisturizer(felt no pain). It's been a few hours and I still feel no pain but the skin has darkened to a grayish/black(kind of like a bruise) and feels slightly rough to the touch. What should I do? Will it scar?

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Chemical peel "burn"

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It sounds like you have an area of the peel that went "deeper" than intended. To manage this well, see a Plastic Surgeon - part of our traing is in burn management and this may  avoid a permanent mark or "scar".

Crestone Plastic Surgeon

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