30 J at Fifteen, Can I Have a Breast Reduction Even if I Don't Have Back Aches?

I am very self consious about my breast size. Though very athletic my breast cause problems. I have major back pains or bad posture, but still would like a reduction. I am five foot six and a half, 150 lbs.

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Breast Reduction for Teenagers

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Through the years i have had a number of teenagers who have requested breast reductions.  You are not alone.  Age 15 is a difficult time for all teenagers, establishing their individuality, yet still wanting to fit in with their peers. 


Although it may seem awkward, it really is best to speak to your parents and your doctor about your breast size and how you feel about your size.  Once you have stopped growing  (no height or weight changes for 6 months) it is perfectly reasonable to undergo a breast reduction, with the consent of your parents.  And, most parents will understand how you feel about your breast size.


Your family physician can refer you to a board certified plastic surgeon who can then help you to reach your ideal size.

Breast Reduction At 15

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Dear vivalaloca,

There are many factors that need to addressed before proceeding with a breast reduction in someone of your age.  Most plastic surgeons will wait until the teenage patient has stopped growing and whose weight is also stable.  Besides being mature physically, there is also the need to be mature mentally to undergo the stress and strain associated with having surgery and the recovery process.  This type of maturity is not easy to evaluate which is also why some plastic surgeons will insist on all of their patients being a certain age, commonly around 18, before proceeding with surgery.  However, this is not true of all plastic surgeons.

I would recommend you discuss your concerns with your parents and your primary care doctor and then obtain a number of consults.  Wishing you the best.

Breast reduction

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You certainly can have a breast reduction without the symptoms you describe. First, you have to get permission from your parents to go for a consultation. You may want to wait until you have reached full adult size, but it is not unreasonable to perform a breast reduction on a 15 year old with very large breasts.


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Getting a breast reduction is possible at your age. Your parents need to agree with the procedure and you need to find a PS that is willing to work on a minor. Good luck


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Breast Reduction at 15 Years Old

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The best thing to do is to discuss this with your parents, your primary care doctor and a plastic surgeon. While most women with very large breasts wait until they are a bit older before considering breast reduction surgery, there is nothing that prevents otherwise healthy late teenagers from exploring the options. 

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