3 Years Old with High Astigmatism?

3 years old daughter diagnosed with high Astigmatism. Reading:- Auto Refraction: OD: +0.50 -4.25x 001, OS: -0.50 -4.75x 002 Retinoscopy: OD: +0.50 -4.00 x 180, OS: plano -5.00 x 180 Final Spectable Rx: OD: +1.00 -3.25 x 001, OS: +0.50 -3.75 x 002 The doctor recommended that we put her on glasses right away and she will have to most probably wear glasses for the rest of her life. This is very shocking for us. We are totally confused what to do next. Any expert advice would be extremely helpful.

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Check with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist

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The prescription you listed is written in "minus cylinder" format, typically favored by optometrists.  If you have any concern regarding this prescription, consult a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Please ask any questions before you leave the office -- You shouldn't be confused about what to do after seeing a good doctor!  Fortunately, most children with high astigmatism have good vision with appropriate glasses.

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