3 Weeks Post Op Rhinoplasty & Nose Looks Bigger Than It Was Pre Op?

Hello Doctors , Had an open Reduction Rhinoplasty 3 Weeks ago However , my nose currently looks way bigger than it was pre op. My PS Prior to surgery told me that i have thick Skin. In addition my Nose is constantntly oily & shiny . At this point i miss my old nose.My PS Has 13 yrs experienece & Specialises on Facial Plastic Sx. He adviced me to gently massage my nose 3 times a day -. I Read again here that its not advisable to massage nose Post Op. How long should i see what i expected - Kimba

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Healing after rhinoplasty

It's variable, but about 80% of the edema will resolve in the first 3-6 months.  It takes longer for thick skinned individuals undergoing revision surgery.  It may take a full 18-24 months before you see the final result.

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