3 Weeks Post Op Almost 4 and my Left Breast is Different. Will This Change?

I got my surgery done sept 17th 2012 and my right breast has dropped and im told still has minor swelling toward my arm pit and my left breast sits higher up and has a crease which my right breast doesnt have a crease.Looks like the incisions are different or in different places. Am i goin to need a revision.i know its still early but idt time is goin to make any diffenece I was a 32b and got 350cc under on my left and 375cc under on my right since there was a small difference in size to begin with

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Only 3 weeks is too early to see final results. It takes months 6-9 months for everything to settle into the pockets and have and see final results.They will continue to change and improve.


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My Left Breast is Different

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Without some photos, preferably from both before and after surgery it is not possible to express much of an opinion. I can say that at three weeks it is most common to see asymmetry. If you were to post this question with some photos, you are much more likely to get answers specific to your question

Thanks and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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