3 Months Post Rhino/septoplasty, turbinate Reduction the Nose Still Seems Wide and Large?

Im 3 months postop, I had a wide, bulbous nose prior to surgery. The large ball at the end of the nose is gone but the nose still seems too wide. My fp surgeon says the tip is still very swollen, he was going to injection with cortisone after 3 months, but decided to wait another 2 mo. I am very concerned about how large the nose still looks. My husband is the only one who knows I had surgery, not even my kids can tell I had something done. How long should I wait to see some definition?

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Still wide and large after rhinoplasty

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It takes longer than three months, and it usually pays to wait a full twelve months for all stiffness and swelling to resolve after rhinoplasty. If you pinch the tip you can still feel the stiffness. Steroids are tempting, but most of us like to avoid them so give yourself more time.

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Three months post Rhinoplasty still have swelling

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After Rhinoplasty surgery it takes approximately a full year for the entire swelling to dissipate. The majority of the swelling dissipates during the first three to six months and the last 30% takes an entire year. The tip is typically the last area to completely resolve. Give yourself ample time to heal and see your surgeon for frequent return visits to help your peace of mind. He/she will be able to tell you how your healing is coming along and give you support during the recovery process. Best regards!

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