3 Months Post Sub-muscular Breast Augmentation. Cramping Feeling on Left Side. Mondors Cord?

I am experiencing a cramping feeling on the side of my left breast. It hasn't changed in appearance and does not feel harder then before. While massaging to relieve the cramping feeling I noticed a cord like area inside my breast but it is not visible to the eye. Could this be mondors cord? I'm feeling a general soreness around the area.

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Do I Have Mondor's Disease?

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Mondor's disease or Mondor's cord is merely a thrombosed superior epigastric vein secondary to surgery done on the breast.  You could just call it a clotted vein, but I guess Dr. Mondor wanted his name on a disease.  Sometimes when you raise your hand over your head, it is annoying, but in reality, it is not much more than that.  A couple of Advil's a day should take care of most Mondor's cords.

From your description, I would say "yes", you have Mondor's cords.  It resolves itself within 3 months or less.  I recommend staying away from underwire bras as this tends to increase the length of time Mondor's cords are present. 

Mondor cord

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Your description sounds like mondor's disease(cord).  If it is, it will generally resolve with warm compresses, possibly antibiotics, massage and time.  You may want to check with your surgeon to confirm this.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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