I Have a 3/4 Inch Indented Scar on my Face from a Cyst Removal. Would Subcision Work?

I understand that cysts can leave a depression in the skin but the whole incision is indented? Was this surgical error? I was thinking of trying subcision but don't know if it would work. Please advise on how to elevate the scar. Thanks.

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See a Dermatologic Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon

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Sometimes, this is the way a cyst will heal, especially if sub-sutaneous sutures are not placed. 

Once the cyst is gone, there is an empty space where the cyst once resided.  Since nature abhors a vacuum, serum and granulation tissue fill in this hole. However, unless the wound was closed, this space is not filled in  properly with the normal laying down of collagen and a dimple, sometimes quite unsightly may result.

It is best to see a plastic surgeon or a dermatologic surgeon who will excise the dimple and approximate the two sides. You will still have a scar, but the dimple area will be gone.

Incidentally, the material which drains from a cyst, that appears infected is usually quite sterile. It is a foreign body reaction to the keratin that filled the cyst cavity. Keratin when it is outside the cyst wall, can cause an intense foreign body reaction. This will create an exudate that looks like pus. However, a culture of this material rarely returns a bacterial pathogen.

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