3 1/2 Months Post Op Revision Rhinoplasty to Rasp Hump and I Woke Up Today and Top of Bridge Aching? (photo)

I have been recovering from revision rhinoplasty that was done to rasp hump 3 1/2 months ago. Today I woke up and the very top of bridge was aching and pretty sore. I am curious why would it start aching after all these months? I don't have any discharge but my next appointment isn't for another month. Is this pain normal as swelling on bridge hasn't completely come down yet? I had my original surgeon perform the revision and he says is healing fine but still swollen.

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Is my nose still swollen?

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Swelling from a revision may last a very long time. It's difficult to give you any advice from this photo. The best bet would be to call your surgeon and see if they would like to examine you. Good luck.

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