Two Week Post-Op (Septoplasty), Swelling Started After a Scab Came Off. Causes?

2 weeks post septorhinoplasty op a scab came away from an incision in the nostril. After a week or so it started to swell and look really angry I've finished a course of Bactroban and two oral antibiotics but now 5 weeks post op it's still open and sore and looks like a trench in my nostril, I wonder if it needs restitching I don't like to plague my consultant, I've no doubt about his professionalism and capabilities. What should I do?


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Two Week Post-Op (Septoplasty), Swelling Started After a Scab Came Off. Causes?

 You may want to call your Rhinoplasty Surgeon and have him/her examine your nose to rule out an infection.  This should be done ASAP.

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Infection After Septoplasty

Generally the nose heals rapidly after septoplasty.  It is possible to acquire an infection, as with any surgery and the most likely cause is Staph.  The treatment you received is appropriate.  At this point, if it is not healed and the infection gone, the most likely problem is an exposed stitch.  Make an appointment with your surgeon and have them look for the suture.  

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