Can a 2nd Vertical Sleeve Be Performed? Is It Medically Safe?

I had a Vertical sleeve 4 yrs ago. I am interested in having a revision. Is this possible?

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Considering Re-Sleeve?

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The issue of re-sleeve, in other words, performing another sleeve gastrectomy in a setting of a previous one, falls under the category of revision surgery. When contemplating this type of procedure, first, evaluate your eating pattern, calorie intake and exercise. See if you can make changes there, rather than persuing a surgical procedure.

However, there can be technical issues with the sleeve, which can be corrected with another sleeve gastrectomy or surgeons can modify the sleeve gastrectomy to a gastric bypass. Or, an intestinal bypass can be fashioned to create a duodenal switch.

In brief, yes re-sleeving is possible, but not common. Please always consult with an experienced bariatric surgeon.

Houston General Surgeon

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