2nd Time Breast Implants One Went Down Have 325cc,now 375cc Down Pointing Nipples and Hard at Top?

breasts,had done 15 yrs. ago had 325cc, the doctor put in 375cc but my nipples are not in the middle any more they are at the bottlem of my breasts and they are hard and high at the top,they hurt and some times feels like blood is running down on the inside and it burns,i had it done dec.27,2011 should it be looking right by now?i went back to the doctor and he said i was so swolling at first that its going take longer for them to set in the pocket and gave me a bar strap,did not help...........

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Breast firm high and round after implant replacement

You are right and something is not right with your implant replacement. Could you have hematomas or bleeding, poorly shaped implant pockets? It is hard to say though your breast should be soft and the implants well centered on the nipple. You might need another opinion.

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