6 months post op of Rhinoplasty, I had my 2nd steroid shot for a supratip swelling. How long does the injection last? (photos)

I'm 6 months after rhinoplasty. Had a terrible supratip swelling. Got my first steroid injection after 3 months, the result was ok, but then my swelling came back. Now after another 3 months i have received another shot and my nose looks great! I am very happy with results but worried at the same time, that the swelling will come back again. How do the injections work? Can they create a permanent effect? Or do I just simply need more injections? I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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You may need fillers or revision

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The pictures can not replace in person examination but based on your history and pictures I do not think the steroids will help and may cause thining of skin. You have excess cartilage and revision surgery will help. You can try fillers to camouflage it temporally. 

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