Should I take a 2nd round of Accutane?

I am a 24 year old Indian woman.I had severe acne for which I took Accutane 20mg daily for 1 month ,followed by 20mg alternative day for 2nd month.followed by 20 mg twice weekly for 1month.followed by 20mg once weekly for 1 month.I weigh acne cleared for 4 months.then returned.should I go on a second course?

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Should I take a second round of Accutane

Most patients need a total cumulative dosage of 8000-16000mg of isotretinoin. Given the dosage you described, there is no way you got to that level of dosing for a long-term cure; hence, your acne returned. Seek help from a dermatologist and plan to be on the meds much longer and more consistently than you were before, or you will have the same thing happen again.

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