2nd Opinion About Ongoing Invisalign Treatment?

I am not happy with how everything is turning out w/invisalign.My teeth have been pushed back so much that my cheeks/lips are caving in. I've told the ortho & he is not listening to my concerns. Treatment was to last 2 years & now with these refinements of 24 trays, it will be closer to 3 years.I'd like a 2nd opinion on my current treatment but don't know if I need to wait for treatment to be completed? Also, do I go to another ortho or should I see a cosmetic dentist instead?

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Second opinions are healthy

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But can be confusing.  I suggest an exam with an orthodontist AND a cosmetic dentist, as it may take a team effort to achieve your goals.

I should mention that sometimes things get worse before they get better, so you may find that you just need to allow treatment to do its thing.

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